MIC MAC is an 18 month European research project that aims to enhance the media and information literacy skills of educators who work with vulnerable learners.

The project is funded by the European Media and Information Fund.

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The group is a dedicated space for educators, teachers, and anyone passionate about equipping the next generation with essential skills to navigate today’s complex media landscape. In an era where information flows freely and swiftly, it’s crucial for educators to guide learners in becoming critical thinkers, responsible digital citizens, and media-savvy individuals.

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✅ Share Insights: Exchange ideas, resources, and best practices for teaching media and information literacy effectively in learning environments.

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✅ Support Network: Connect with like-minded educators, collaborate on projects, and find mentorship opportunities.

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Topics of discussion include:

🔍 Fact-checking and source evaluation

📱 Digital citizenship and online safety

📰 News literacy and critical media analysis

💡 Creative ways to integrate media literacy into curricula

🌐 Global perspectives on media literacy education

💬 Engaging with learners in a digital age

Let’s work together to cultivate media and information literacy skills that empower learners to navigate the digital world with confidence and discernment. Join us in fostering a community of informed educators who can make a positive impact on the media-savviness of future generations!

Remember, knowledge is power, and together, we can help shape a more media-literate world. Join us today! 💪📊📣